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Artist Profile

Hello! My name is Kelly, but people call me Tat! I love to draw, sculpt, and smile!
I've graduated with a bachelor's in Visual Studies at one of the best art schools in America and I have HUGE potential. I hope that you all enjoy the art I have to share. 

Most of my day to day drawing consists of characters, from expressions to poses to new additions. Sculpting with sculpey is another of my passions, and it feels more hands-on than drawing. I've sculpted creatures, figures, and built thorn rooms based around my characters. A side hobby of mine is sewing. Small things usually but it's still fun, a less messy hands-on hobby.
No matter what though, all of my days include my itty-bit Tiki. She reminds me to take breaks, get exercise, and gives me all the cuddles I could ask for!

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